We are a cosmopolitan team based in the Riviera Maya. We sell luxury bracelets for men. All of our handcrafted bracelets are made of silver. We sell beaded bracelets for men. This men's bracelets are trendy and fashion.

We’re a cosmopolitan team based in the Riviera Maya.

Our names are Arnaud and Adrian.
Arnaud is a french rock-energy and Riviera Maya’s history lover. He came to live in the Riviera Maya fifteen years ago, to learn more about his passion. During one of his investigations, Arnaud went to see Adrian, a Mayan artisan and bracelet maker, to whom he explained how the Mayas used the different rocks, gold, silver and especially jade.
Together, they had an idea. Arnaud being a fashion lover, he wondered: why not design some bracelets together, so that people can not only know a little bit more about the Mayan culture but also wear a high quality, trendy and unique bracelet? Adrian was directly enthusiast about the idea, his knowledge in stones would help our team find the most beautiful, healing rocks, and his talent, nurtured when he was a kid by his father, would be perfect to sculpt them.
They were positive that Multu’s excellence, combined with Arnaud’s french quality measures and real Mayan silver, would form some great, unique and handcrafted bracelets. This is when Maya’z was born.
In fact, Mayas used silver and healing stones to make beautiful jewelry for them. Both men and women were known to wear much of the same jewelry with the exception of lip and nose plugs. Nose plugs and nose ornaments were reserved for men with a high social status. Lip plugs were known to be quite sophisticated pieces of jewelry and made of similar materials as nose plugs. Earplugs were also worn by the Mayas and were often so heavy that they would permanently disfigure the earlobe.
In the earliest period of Mayan civilization, metal was hard to come by so Mayan tribes created jewelry out of bone from jaguar teeth and claws, stones, feathers, and various colorful shells. As natural resources became more readily available, the Mayas would craft beautiful jewelry out of gold, silver, copper, jade and bronze. One especially rare and prized commodity used by the Mayas was Jade. The Mayas found this resource in Guatemala's Motogua Valley. Although metals such as gold and silver were highly valued, jade was held in even higher regard as the Mayas considered it to be sacred and holy and the ultimate symbol of all that is good including eternal love.
In our bracelets you can then find all the benefits coming from this sacred Maya’s stone. Maya’s really believed in all the healing a rock can bring, and many consider that this is why they became such an amazing civilization, remembered even today as one of the five world’s biggest and most important civilizations, along with the Romans and the Egyptians for example.
Our bracelets carry our whole history behind them, and soon, they will carry yours too!

Hope you like them as much as we do!