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Tiger Eye


A perfect bracelet for all of you curious or brave, thanks to Tiger Eye Stone! Don't hesitate!

12 mm Tiger Eye

Handcrafted silver rectangle

Handcrafted 12mm silver beads

How to measure your wrist ?

S - 6.3in / 16cm
M - 6.7in / 17cm
L - 7.1in / 18cm
XL - 7.5in /19cm


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Tiger’s Eye is known as an “all-seeing all-knowing eye”. It is characterized as mysterious and powerful. It was thought by the Native American Tribes that the wearer of this stone had the ability to observe everything, even what was invisible to other’s eyes. Egyptians chose this stone to put it in their deity statues to express divine vision. It was also believed to provide the protection of Ra, the sun god and Gob, god of the growing land combined.

In Eastern mythology, linked to the magical tiger, Tiger’s Eye illustrated courage, integrity and the right use of power.

Tiger’s Eye is always vigilant and brings sharpness to the wearer’s inner vision. The wearer can then understand better the cause and effect of each situation. This encourages him to use his powers wisely. The stone also supports necessary change is any aspect of the owner’s life, strengthening the will and clarity of intention in order to manifest at the highest level.